Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, LLC is pleased to offer house call services for your convenience and office visits at our facility located at 3619 Evans Ave.  Our house calls provide many veterinary services in the comfort of your home including annual examinations, vaccinations, medical care, blood monitoring, pain management and end of life care.   In January 2015 we added an office building to complement our mobile service.  In addition to the services we provide in home, our in clinic setting also includes blood monitoring, digital x-rays, laser surgery, surgical and dental procedures.

We maintain complete paperless medical records, including vaccination schedules, diagnostic results, physical examinations and weight history.  We mail out reminder cards or send an email reminders when blood work, annual examinations and vaccinations are due.  Receipts, certificates, and other important information is generally e-mailed to our clients, but can be printed if clients prefer this method.

Being environmentally friendly is very important to us.  We make choices that will help keep us green. In addition to paperless records, we print only when no other option is available and recycle all packing materials.  We have only LED lighting in the clinic, which not only reduces the energy needed to light the clinic but is also less stressful on pets and people than florescent lighting.

Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic  fills most prescriptions that you will need for your pet on site.  If needed, we are able to call prescriptions into a local pharmacy.  Prescriptions and food  can be picked up throughout the day.

Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic does not offer after-hours emergency care.  However, we do partner with VetTriage, a veterinary triage service.  VetTriage will provide a tele-consult with a veterinarian to help determine if your pet needs to be seen in an emergency clinic. They will not be able to prescribe any medications.  The cost for this service is $50.

In addition, we work with several emergency and specialty hospitals:

We require payment at time of service.  We  accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.