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Angel’s Road of Recovery

Have you heard of Angel?  She was brought into Black Dog Animal Rescue 2 months ago.  She had over 20 broken bones but an unbreakable spirit.  Angel has undergone 3 major surgeries, 30 plus xrays and countless bandage changes.  We are happy to report that Angel had her last planned surgery yesterday.  Her final stitches will be removed in 2 weeks and she will be adopted to a wonderful family.  Through all of this has brought us many laughs, a few temper tantrums learning to deal with new bandages, lots of tears because of her injuries and many snuggles and kisses.  Angel Broken

Welcome Dr. Croghan

We are so happy to announce that Dr. Chelsea Croghan has joined our team.  She graduated from Colorado State University in 2010  and moved to rural Colorado where she practiced in a mixed animal practice for three years.  She returned back to her hometown with her husband, 2 children and horses.  Dr. Croghan enjoys the challenges of surgery in veterinary medicine and has a passion for helping clients understand and learn about their pets.  Outside of the office, Dr. Croghan enjoys spending time with her family, camping, fishing and horseback riding.Chelsea pic

Trip the wonder dog


TripOverViewTrip, a 6 year old American Bulldog has been shuffled between shelters and rescue organizations over the last month.  Each organization has tried to get Trip to gain weight but he just refused to eat.  When Trip arrived at the clinic he was very happy and sweet but his poor body was just skin and bones.  After several tests it was decided to take Trip to surgery for an abdominal explore to find the reason why he would not eat.  The reason was very obvious, he had a large rubber stopper lodged in his intestines.  The foreign object was removed and he recovered very well from his surgery.  He is now working hard to find anyone who will feed him in order to gain 40 pounds that he needs to put him at a healthy weight.Trip is so sweet

Jazzy needs her belly rubbed

Jazzy with HeartwormJazzy was recently adopted from a rescue organization.  Unfortunately Jazzy had been living in an area with heartworm disease and she was not on heartworm prevention.  Jazzy contracted this life threatening disease during her life on the run and has just finished her treatment.  She will be on prevention for the rest of her life. We are so excited to have Jazzy’s treatments finished and her Mom is looking forward to many happy years rubbing Jazzy’s belly.

Meet Gracie

Gracie is a 14 year old Collie that has chronic arthritis and diarrhea.  Both are well managed with medications.  It is hard for Gracie to get into the car to come to a clinic for her exams.  She needs exams to help determine medications to manage her pain and her nails trimmed frequently. We are able to do this in her home.  We are always happy to see Gracie and in the summer find her sunning herself on the front porch.Gracie at home